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    Since 2001, the Marine Corps and Army have spent billions of dollars to reset equipment, including equipment returning from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan Reset refers to the repair, recapitalization, or replacement of equipment.
1.        Reset can include depot (sustainment) and field-level maintenance and supply activities that restore and enhance combat capability to equipment used in combat operations. The Marine Corps and Army have identified a multibillion dollar reset liability as they seek to complete their reset efforts.
2.        In April 2014, Marine Corps leadership stated that the Marine Corps’ reset liability declined from an estimated $3.2 billion to a remaining $1.0 billion as the Marine Corps makes progress in completing reset. At that time, the Army projected a need for just over $6.0 billion for reset.
3.       As of February 2015, Marine Corps officials anticipate they will complete their reset efforts in fiscal year 2017. Army reset is expected to continue 2 to 3 years after the end of major overseas operations; consequently, there is not a specific end date for Army reset.
Reset operations comprise a major effort for defense contractors. To read the entire GAO report, click <HERE>
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