Axles & Drivelines

The current types of axles we support are Meritor, Eaton, Dana, and others. MTP is an authorized Meritor rebuild center which enables us to obtain very competitive parts pricing and availability for the wide array of Meritor axles in use on military vehicles. Each axle is rebuilt in accordance with military standards and OEM Field Service Manuals as required per each government contract.

To briefly walk through our axle rebuild process: All units are stripped and cleaned before all parts are examined. All bearings, seals and fasteners are discarded. All parts are crack tested (using Magnaflux) when necessary. All discarded parts are replaced with new, to the latest engineering levels. The differential is assembled to the same procedure as a new unit using OEM or military specs as required by the contract. The gear contact pattern is checked under full load using lapping compounds as the OEM does. Every axle undergoes a Bleed Air Test to ensure all seals and housing gaskets are free from leaks and other defects. The unit is tested under load for noise and differential lock operation and then passing units are marked for full traceability.

Meritor Axles

There are several different types of Meritor Axles available out there in the market going back to the days of Rockwell axles. MTP Drivetrain Services handles all types of the legacy Rockwell and current Meritor models. The list of different model types can be found below.

  • Single Rear Axles, Hypoid Single Reduction
  • Hypoid Planetary Two-Speed
  • Helical-Hypoid Double-Reduction
  • Tandem Axles, Hypoid Single Reduction
  • Tandem Axles, Helical-Hypoid Double Reduction
  • Tridem Axles, Hypoid Single-Reduction

Dana Axles

MTP Drivetrain Services re-manufactures Dana Axle products of all types. Our technicians work at a high intensity and professional level to tailor each axle to individual government contract specifications. The type of axle Dana uses to handle both commercial and off-highway vehicles is called Spicer. Below is a list of Spicer axles that our technicians can remanufacture to meet your government program requirements.



  • Heavy Duty Single-Reduction Drive Axles
  • Heavy Duty High Entry Single-Reduction Drive Axles
  • Heavy Duty Single-Reduction Tandem Drive Axles
  • Single Reduction Heavy Tandem and Tridem Drive Axles
  • Two-Speed and Double-Reduction Single Drive Axles
  • Two-Speed and Double-Reduction Tandem and Tridem Drive Axles
  • Medium-Duty Single-Reduction Single Drive Axles
  • Medium-Duty Two-Speed and Planetary Double-Reduction Single Drive Axles
  • Medium-Duty Single-Reduction Tandem Drive Axles

Eaton Axles

The Eaton Company, who partners with Dana and other like providers of axles and drivelines, composes a variety of axles fit for any vehicle for any situation.

Specific axles that we handle from Eaton include Steer Axles, Tandem Drive Axles, and Single Drive Axles.

No matter what kind of axle is needed to be re-manufactured, our technicians are trained universally.


What is a driveline? A driveline consists of parts of the powertrain. The engine and transmission are both absent from the driveline. This part of the vehicle changes depending on whether or not the vehicle is front-wheel, read-wheel, or four-wheel drive.

Whether you may need driveshafts, steering knuckles, yokes, or other driveline components, MTP Drivetrain Services can possibly provide new, new surplus, aftermarket, or remanufactured components to match your requirement.

DISCLAIMER: All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer. Meritor® is a registered trademark of Meritor, Inc., Eaton® is a registered trademark of Eaton Corporation, and Dana® and Spicer® are registered trademarks of Dana Holding Corporation.

We Support Our Troops!

We Support Our Troops!

MTP Drivetrain Services is dedicated to providing safe, efficient vehicle parts to our troops. We build it as if our lives depend on it.

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