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photoequipmentrepair01MTP Drivetrain Services specializes in the re-manufacturing of drivetrain components for military tactical vehicles. We offer both immediate exchange and custom re-manufacturing programs to the U.S. and International military organizations directly and indirectly through various agencies and contractors.

We have over 10,000 line items of overhauled and factory new repair components for the M-Series vehicles and have one of the largest inventories of surplus military truck parts in the nation. MTP Drivetrain Services offers its complete inventory listing online on our website under Part Inventory and through Inventory Locator Service (ILS)

The services that we provide include but are not limited to:

Re-manufacturing domestic and import engine

Rebuilding heavy duty military transmissions

Rebuilding military vehicle axles/drivelines

Configuring military vehicle power packs (Deisel engines & Transmission combos)

How can we serve you?

The goal of MTP Drivetrain Services is to take and rebuild various drivetrain components such as engines, transmissions, axles, engine turbos, blowers, governors, fuel pumps and configuring power packs while providing excellent customer service and rates that can’t be beat. Click Here for more information on what we can do for you.

Products Made Available

MTP Drivetrain Services provides you with numerous product choices to help get the job done. With our experience and in-house capabilities, we can offer a Full Up Power Pack (FUPP), which consists of the engine with fuel system, transmission, transfer case and possibly other driveline components already mated as a single unit. A FUPP is an item that can be installed at the customer’s request. Caterpillar, Cummins, General Motors and Detroit Diesel engines in our inventory are all re-manufactured and we have the capability to re-manufacture any engine of these brands that are sent to our production facility.

We can rebuild Allison, General Motors, and other transmissions. We can rebuild ArvinMeritor, AxleTech, and Eaton transfer cases as well as ArvinMeritor, Eaton, Dana, and other axles, and lastly engine turbos, blowers, governors, and fuel pumps. If you need additional in depth information Click Here.

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The Vision of MTP Drivetrain

Our vision at MTP Drivetrain Services is to provide extraordinary re-manufactured components using only the best available practices. We pride ourselves in maximizing top-of-the-line technology in the industry to help foresee that our vision is accomplished each and every day of operation. One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to our customers, both short and long term, is by providing technical service that is responsive and supportive to deliver quick solutions that last.

By creating lifelong relationships with our customers, we demonstrate to those who are serving in the United States military that we care deeply about who they are, what they do, and most importantly, their lives on the road. Soldiers need to depend on their vehicle to get them to and from their destination safely. Since 2003 we have humbly served the U.S. military by providing quality re-manufactured drivetrain parts. MTP Drivetrain Services is striving to become the preferred provider of re-manufactured parts for military tactical vehicles.

Want to learn more about who we are? Click Here.

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